Handmade Aluminum Wire Dragonfly Necklace



Handmade by Carla, only with pliers and her hands.

She twists, spirals, and turns colored aluminum wire into whimsical dragonfly necklaces.

Carla finishes the pieces with colored jump rings and a black leather necklace.

All over the world, dragonflies symbolize change, self discovery and removal of inhibitions. In China they are associated  with prosperity, harmony and good luck. Did you know that dragonflies use practically 80% of their brain power for sight? The dragonfly can see all 360 degrees around it.

Be carefree and wild like the dragonfly with this wire dragonfly necklace!

You will get endless compliments on your new piece of jewelry.

Additional information

Dragonfly Color

Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Silver, Copper, Brown, Black


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