Handmade Blue Caribbean Spiny Lobster Aluminum Wire Necklace


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Add a cool tropical accessory to your wardrobe with these friendly Caribbean Spiny lobster necklaces.

These lobster necklaces are handmade by Carla in St. Croix out of spools of aluminum wire.

She bends and twists the wire with her hands and a pliers to form the shape of her interpretation of a Caribbean lobster.

Carla finishes the piece with a aluminum jumpring and a black leather necklace cord with adjustable lobster clasp.

Did you know that Caribbean lobsters do not have claws?!

Unlike their mainland cousins, Caribbean Spiny lobsters have two large antennae instead of claws. The antennae are used for fighting and defense, and two smaller antennules, which are sensory organs, can detect chemicals and movement in the water.

Feel more tropical by the minute with one of these lovely lobster necklaces!


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