Whale Necklace in Black Aluminum Wire


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This nautical whale necklace is handmade by Carla, in St. Croix, out of different sized and shaped aluminium wires.

She spirals the flat wire around to form the shape of the whale with pliers and her hands.

She then adds a smaller spiral on top to secure a jumpring to the black leather cord necklace.

Carla creates a whale of a tail with these fun whales with even adding a blow!

A blow is the water that spouts out of a whale’s blowhole.

She spirals thin silver aluminum wire into two spirals and the secures them around the top of the whale’s head where his blowhole would be.

A truly fun accessory to add to your collection!

Did you know that whales that don’t have teeth (Baleen Whales) have two blowholes while toothed whales only have one?


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