Brachiosaurus Dinosaur River Rock Sculpture


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This wonderfully unique Brachiosaurus dinosaur river rock sculpture was hand carved in Haiti out of river stones.

This river rock sculpture is made from a solid piece of rock that is hand chiseled and sanded into a whimsical sculpture. The river rock is made in Haiti by a handful of different artists.

New stone artists are frequently introduced and hand carving river rocks provides income to hundreds of Haitian families.

Pre-Columbian artifacts found in Haiti show that Arawak’s had a stone carving tradition which disappeared with their extinction. Haitian sculptors have historically favored carving in mahogany and other tropical woods.  It was not until Haiti’s arts movement of the 1950s that the Arawak tradition was restored.

This sculpture will be wonderful for decoration or as a cheerful item for your desk to brighten your day!

Either way this river rock critter will make anyone, especially a dinosaur lover, a very happy gift!

Measures 5 1/4″ x 3″ Tall


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