Handmade Lucky Shamrock Necklace


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This necklace, crafted by Carla, is made out of green aluminum flat wire. It is shaped by hand into a good luck shamrock pendant.

This is the perfect festive accessory for any St. Patrick’s Day parade or celebration you may want to attend!

A shamrock is a small, triple-leafed clover that is the national emblem of Ireland.  Since the 1600s the Irish patron saint, St. Patrick, has been depicted in paintings holding a bouquet of shamrocks. According to St. Patrick, the 3 leaves represented the Holy Trinity and are believed to have special powers. Shamrocks will always bring good luck!

The Erin Go Bragh, “Ireland Forever”, flag shows a medieval Irish harp surrounded by a wreath of shamrocks. One story claims that St. Patrick used shamrocks to chase away all the evil snakes in Ireland. How good can luck get?


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