Recycled Guinness Bottle Cap Bracelet


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This bracelet is created from recycled Guinness bottle caps that are collected by local St. Croix convenient stores and taverns and saved for Carla to reinvent the used caps into bracelets!

Help recycle and get a Guinness cap bracelet! It is a fun way to recycle and a great statement piece.

Bottle cap bracelets are made with about five to seven bottle caps, depending on the wrist size. They can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic bottle caps on the bracelets.

I wash the caps and then punch four holes in each one and then spray each of them with a clear lacquer.

I then connect the bottle caps with silver plated jump rings and add a clasp.

To finalize the bracelet I then solder the jump rings closed for a long-lasting super go green bracelet!


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Dimensions 13 cm


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