Recycled Natty Boh Bottle Cap Earrings


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Represent the Baltimore Orioles with a pair of Natty Boh beer bottle cap earrings.

Recycled by Carla into playful tributes to Baltimore.

Stateside friends send the Natty Boh caps to Carla in St. Croix to create jewelry.

She then hole punches the caps and adds typically Oriole team color beads to jump rings at the bottom of earrings.

Anyone who has ever been to Baltimore is familiar with Mr. Boh and National Bohemian beer.

Natty Boh has been the official sponsor of Baltimore Orioles since 1965.

National Bohemian is known also as the “Official beer of Baltimore.”

Of all the bottle caps that Carla collects to create with, Natty Boh caps stand out.

The caps themselves are unique and have different puzzles on the back of caps to solve.

What better than to solve a brain busting puzzle and drink a beer?







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