Handmade Light Green Topsy Turvy Doll


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This Topsy Turvy doll is handmade in St. Croix by local Henrice Joseph. She is a teacher at St. Patrick’s School and supplements her income by sewing. Henrice designs and creates the local Quadrille dancers authentic garb.

A quadrille dance is similar to an American square dance.  The men and women in each quadrille dance group wear their own special plaid costumes.  Women wear long plaid skirts and knotted hats just like the doll is wearing.  Men wear matching plaid sashes. Henrice makes all the pieces needed to complete a Quadrille outfit.

With the left over scraps she creates a mini quadrille and market lady Topsy Turvy doll. When a woman dances the quadrille she wears her hair down. Turn the quadrille doll over and find marketplace doll with a scarf holding her hair up.

Colors and patterns of the marketplace doll may vary slightly due to the recycled way the fabrics are found.


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